Online Learning


Lesson completions more than


in Vonder Microlearning


Let your team access information in a few taps with Chatbot interface

Vonder Chatbot Manager

Ask Chatbot

Instead of calling helpdesks or browsing intranet, employees can just talk to chatbot and get answers real quick

Simplify all content

Can’t code? Don’t worry, you can still tbe the master of your chatbot as our Knowledge Management tool is designed to be very easy to use for all

See the interactions

See how your users interact with chatbots through Chatlog, usage statistics and keywords analytics report, exportable in spreadsheets

Ask Chatbot


Learning can be fun and quick. 

Now create learning games with our tools

Vonder Microlearning

Vonder Flash

Make quick quiz with various types

of question formats and adaptive learning experiences.

Vonder Jump

Test learner’s agility to respond

with 3 lives under 3 seconds

per each question.

Vonder Quest

Take users into learning quests

that feels like an adventure.


Understand how your team learns better with

Vonder Learning Analytics

Not just completions and corrections, but every learning interactions

are collected so you understand how teams learn. Exportable in spreadsheets.


Engage your teams in every feature with

Score & Reward Manager

Collect Scores

& See Leaderboard

Collect Scores & See Leaderboard

From complete learning games to recommending new FAQ, users collect scores and see their ranking across company from leaderboard

Variety of Score Currency

Not just one, but users can collect many different types of scores you can later reward with differentcampaigns

Manage Reward Campaigns

Automate reward distribution where your users can redeem immediately with scores they have collected

" With the help from Vonder experts,    employees learn through gamified      context. The more they play,

  the more they learn. "

Pornpun Pungprayoonpong

Senior People and Capabilities Acceleration Specialist
Kasikorn Bank

" I find it a great tool.

  The students enjoy it. "

Chemistry Teacher

Makkasan Pittaya School

Sudarat Pragobmai

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